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It is known by many names and for the artist who loves to oil paint and wants to paint outdoors but is put off by the clutter and the complexity of taking all the equipment it with you well the Pochade Box solves this problem, with room for storage of essential paints, brushes, a removable pallet, and slots for 3 canvas panels for painting (one is shown, NOT INCLUDED.) Perfect for painting outdoors, works great while traveling where the box can be placed on ones lap, or a table top or attached to a camera tripod with 1/4 20 standard thread screw if you prefer working with an easel. TRIPOD SHOWN IN PHOTO IS FOR DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY. TRIPOD NOT INCLUDED.

The corners on this box are constructed with box joint or finger joints. They are much stronger than mitered corners or screwed butt joints and the glue used is water proof and is rated better than other single part glues. (A sample box joint was made and after the glue cured the bond strength was tested with a hammer. The corner joints resisted breakage and withstood the test.)

The outside edges and corners are eased (rounded over for comfort) and wood on the inside is removed to lighten the box also for comfort on long treks. And there are no ‘complications’ or fancy flaps, drawers or any thing extra that can cause a problem. Lastly the box is given a finish of water-based polyurethane varnish for protection, good looks and is a "Green" (low VOC environmentally friendly) finish.

This box was designed and carefully crafted using four rules:

1) Simplicity (easy to use)

2) Light weight (easy to carry)

3) Strength (resist damage)

4) Good looks so the owner is proud to use it.


Holds 3 12" x 9" panels separated so they can dry.

Measures 12 3/4" X 10" X 4 3/4" deep.

Empty weight is less than 3 pounds

Attachment point in bottom allows the use of a camera tripod as an easel.

Two attachment points for attaching a shoulder strap such as a guitar strap.

Click on a thumb nail for the full size look.




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Last updated: 11/01/09.