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We are die cutters who enjoy finding the solution for customers.

Another word for die cutting  is converting. Besides die cutting we design and manufacture steel rule dies, either jig dies or laser dies the type depends on your accuracy needs. When it comes to jigs and forms we produce our own for the use in manufacturing product lines.

Our work has covered a wide range of gaskets, some for fluids, some for air and other gases, some for sealing out light, we cut sound dampeners, vibration pads, insulators, and many other types of products. We can do other types of processing as well. One process we developed is to cut and position a wide strip of a differential two sided tape onto a printed card stock. This card is then run through a medical X-ray scanner to clean the feed rollers.

(Differential means the adhesive on the opposite sides have a different tackiness, one side is a very aggressive high tack adhesive and the other is a low tack sort of like a Post-it.)

As one customer said "A & E DIE is innovative".


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Last updated: 11/01/09.